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PDF Download: Scan2BIM LOD Definition

In the current landscape, there is a notable absence of consistent and legally defined standards and guidelines for Scan to BIM modeling across LOD100 to LOD400. Miviso addresses this gap through our comprehensive guide, offering transparent and valuable guidance for clients and our team alike.

Explore the Scan2BIM LOD definition, a key reference for determining the level of detail in point cloud modeling exclusively at Miviso. Elevate your BIM experience with our expert guidance.

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Download the Scan2BIM-LOD definition and benefit from:

  • Clarity in distinguishing the terms LOD, LOG, and LOI.

  • A deeper understanding of the LOD100-400 levels.

  • Improved confidence in communication and trust-building.

  • Early resolution of any open questions.

  • Access to a meticulously prepared, free resource on the LOD Scan to BIM process.

  • In-depth descriptions supported by numerous example images.

  • The Scan2BIM-LOD definition forms the cornerstone for effective communication between us and our partners.

With a dedicated team of over 30 experts and a proven track record of successfully delivering more than 100 Scan-to-BIM projects in the past year, all in compliance with established standards like DIN, ÖNORM, or SIA, we stand as your trusted and experienced Scan-to-BIM partner.
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